Projects & Residencies

Printmaker Susan Mannion’s specialism is wood engraving. She has exhibited in London, Dublin and throughout the U.S.A. and in September she held her first solo show at the Strule Arts Centre in Omagh.

As part of her residency she is keeping a digital diary inspired by her experiences at The Dock and the fabric of the building. This will be linked into The Dock website in the form of a blog, where she will post interesting snippets about the building, its architecture and history. Susan is a highly skilled wood engraver, and she will also blog about the techniques involved and the historical context of wood engraving and its significance in the printing industry.

Susan is encouraging people to follow the processes involved from start to the completed print, and to see how she gathers information and inspiration and starts to sketch up ideas. On the blog you can see how she refines ideas, prepares and draws on the block, engraves the block, takes print-proofs and then makes adjustments for the final prints. Her intention is to give people an understanding of what she as an artist does as part of a residency programme. Through the blog and her work in The Dock she will be introducing a wider public to a printmaking process that is rare in Ireland and which people may never have come across before.