Projects & Residencies

Creative Engagement Residency

Vanya Lambrecht Ward holds an MA (Art in the Contemporary world) from NCAD. Her practice is centered on our built environment andcombines photography, sculpture, painting and all things spatial. During this residency Vanya will program and coordinate a number of events and workshops as part of our 2018 Art and Education programme at The Dock. These events and workshops will focus on our visual arts exhibitions and respond to many other events during 2018.

We are delighted to have gathered a panel of interesting and highly skilled artists, who will facilitate a series of workshops and family days that will stimulate conversation, creativity and curiosity around our exhibitions. Together these artists will provide age appropriate, interesting and diverse workshops that link with the events in The Dock and support the artist as well as the learning.

Artists include
Devon MacGillivary (Musician)
Gerry Boland (Poet and Author)
Melissa Doran (Illustrator)
Wayne O Connor (Story Teller/ Cartoonist)
Caroline Masterson (Artist/Printer)
Jessica Kelly (Visual Artist)