Projects & Residencies

The Dock has collaborated in and supported a number of Contemporary Dance related projects.

UNDER THE SURFACE: An exploration of techniques for poetic movement in water.

Leitrim based artist Kate Wilson has worked with The Dock  to choreograph and develop movement techniques for this project.

Under the Surface is a development of Kate's work Land, Lakes and Clouds, a dance film work for multi screen installation. This work explores the strengths and fragilities of our connections to place and examines the nature of our relationships to land and water through movement.

For this project she has worked with four artists, (dancers and non dancers) who live in County Leitrim. These artists were selected because of their close relationship to their chosen landscape and for their marked ability to express ideas and emotions through authentic poetic movement. Kate  worked with them to develop devised and improvised movement works for camera that were filmed in situ.




Editing for this part of the project is now underway and a clip of the work at this early stage can be viewed at this link

The second phase of filming for this project has the working title of Under the Surface and focuses more closely on our relationships with water.

This part of the project began with discussion and interviews with swimmers and with observation work. Kate is currently involved in movement exploration in water with swimmers, and am working towards the creation of devised and improvised movement works in water for film.

A key part  of this work includes the development of a shared language for movement improvisation and the development of movement techniques, through dance theatre workshops with the swimmers at the Dock.

You can find out more about Kate's practice on her website





Other dance related projects include a daylong symposium on European Contemporary Dance with participants from Ireland, The UK, and Germany facilitated by The Dock and Leitrim Arts Office in 2013