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A Knowing Nature

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29 January - 12 March

Anita Groener, Phil Foley, Julie Merriman, Cliodhna Timoney and Chanelle Walshe.

A Knowing Nature

"What raises us out of nature is the only thing whose nature we can know: language."
 Habermas, Knowledge and Human Interests

The exhibition  through drawing, painting, sculpture and installation,  brings together the works of artists at the middle and early stages of their careers,all of whom are individualistic and determined in their pursuit of a personal artistic language. 

Anita Groener's drawing series Citizen considers the phenomenon and our consciousness about refugees. These articulate an experience of collective trauma which are human scale stories that are witness to the current human and societal crisis. Directed through drawing, video and installation work, Citizen is driven by on ongoing inquiry into ideas of home and displacement as situated within modern geopolitical realities. Of particular interest is how this becomes manifest through temporality and in a relationship with place.  She was selected to participate in the Facebook AIR (Artist In Residence) Programme and has completed a commission within the company’s European Headquarters in Dublin. Groener will have major solo exhibition with the Butler Gallery in Kilkenny in May this year. 

Phil Foleys practise employs drawing, painting, writing and image gathering to create two dimensional works that draw the viewer in. Through the process of making Foley considers images and ask questions about their status, as both everyday experiences and objects of possible aesthetic contemplation. He has recently graduated from GMIT and is a member of Galway based Itsa Collective. His interests are in drawing, histories and documentation. His works are a documentation of the extraordinary in the everyday. Foley is currently developing a suite of drawings in response to the recent flooding crisis’s in rural Ireland. 

Julie Merriman's works are part of a new series of drawings that continue her research into the drawing languages and methodologies of other professions.  Currently she is examining early analogue reprography devices, developed to reproduce the drawings of architects and engineers, circa 1840;  during this period, photography was also in its infancy and I am researching links between the development of the two processes.  These new drawings are made using 16mm typewriter carbon film pinned horizontally to a drawing surface.  The act of drawing on these carbon strips interrupts the flow of information, creating a slippage in the imagery that is important to the reading of this work. Merriman currently has a solo exhibition Revisions at the Hugh Lane Gallery Dublin which is the culmination of a year-long engagement within Dublin City Council departments, in Housing, Architects and Engineering.

Chanelle Walshe graduated from NCAD in 2010. Her work suggests the presence of an unknowable energy within forms such as pelvic bones, lungs, hearts and landscape. She is interested in death, rebirth and regeneration with particular focus on the permeable, transitory boundary that exists between them. Walshe works in series, using a framework of documenting, drawing, and painting.  Her  primary interests lie in both the self-destructive and regenerative qualities of both Man and Earth. She looks at land and the body in a way where each inhabits the other.  Walshe has a traditional and romantic connection to Irish land, heritage and treasures. She views bones and organs as relics; buried, rising, unearthed, and then revived or inhabited. Her work is influenced by ideas about consciousness, unconsciousness and inbetween states of being. Walshe's paintings impart land and body as a microcosm of an ever expanding universe.She will be taking up a residency with Custom House Gallery and Studios in Westport in 2016. 

Cliodhna Timoney’s drawings can be seen as an accumulation of data and languages deriving from a number of sources, such as the history of painting and pop culture. Her objects and sculptures are extensions of these drawings. She uses overlooked materials in an attempt to translate the drawings and transitory nature of the drawings into a sculptural setting. For this exhibition Timoney is looking in particular at craft and folk art. She references mundane household objects removing their function to create a purely visual and sensual viewing experience. The pieces blur the lines between representation and abstraction. Timoney graduated with 1st Class Honours from Visuals Arts Practice in IADT in 2015. Recent exhibitions include Quantum Leap FIS Tullamore, IADT graduate exhibition, The Beholders Share IMMA, Have A Nice Life, & An Awkward Encounter, both in Helsinki. She is currently working at 126 Artist-Run Gallery, Galway.  She was recently awarded a Fire Station Sculpture Award 2016 and will take up her residency in May 2016.


Associated Events:
Drawing at The Dock led by Phil Foley Saturday 27th February 11- 4.00pm An introduction to the observational life-drawing techniques of Kimon Nicoladies. Nicoladies influence on the teaching of drawing has been substantial, and his book “The natural way to draw” is still in use today.
 An Event with Itsa Collective Friday 11th March 3.00 pm Itsa Collective are Phill Foley, Jason Dunne, Jackie Burke, Peter Sherry and Martin Reid. The collective was established in 2014 when it's members were all based in Galway.  Presenting a  performance artwork of sorts, where they will attempt to assemble furniture without instructions, a familiar but tedious task made comically frustrating without basic guidance.