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A World of Difference

Sat 12 August, 3:00pm

With Jane Mitchell and Bernadette Larkin

Based on true accounts, Jane Mitchell’s talk and reading from her book A Dangerous Crossing is the story of one boy’s search for refuge. Ghalib doesn’t want to leave his home in Syria, but the city has become too dangerous, and his family has no choice but to flee. Together they make their way from Syria to the Turkish Border. Ghalib is safe for now, but this boy’s journey in search of safety is far from over.

As part of this event we screened the short animated film Malak and the Boat and in a fun exercise Bernadette Larkin asks, how different are we from others? Where do you belong? With a short physical exercise to explore our values and attitudes – what divides us and what unites us? Put yourself in the box and see where you fit.

This was a free event.