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Mick Hanly & Donal Lunny

Sat 20 April, 8:00pm

The combination of Mick Hanly and Donal Lunny is a marriage made in musical heaven.

The musical paths of Mick Hanly & Donal Lunny have been intersecting since 1974 when Lunny produced Celtic Folkweave for the duo of Mick and Mícheál O’Domhnaill who were  known as Monroe. He also produced Mick’s next two solo albums for the Mulligan label. In 1983 their paths crossed again when Mick took Christy Moore’s place in Moving Hearts.

It was inevitable that two stalwarts of the Irish music scene, whose careers have intertwined many times over the last 45 years would sooner or later emerge in the guise of a musical duo. The combination of songwriter Mick Hanly and multi-instrumentalist and composer Donal Lunny is a marriage made in musical heaven. Both have honed their musical skills to perfection and play with a freshness and enthusiasm that belies their years on the road.

“We work together because we admire each other’s music and enjoy each other’s company” says Mick. Following on 3 successful Irish tours, they again take to the road in April 2019.  Be sure to catch this magnetic duo at the peak of their powers.