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Programming Music for mobile platforms with artist Jonathan Nangle

Programming Music for mobile platforms with Jonathan Nangle

Fri 30 October, 11:00am - 4:00pm, Ages 14 - 25, Max 10 people

In this workshop you will learn to code in modular software.

Participants did not need any prior computer programming or music background to take part. You were guided through the steps to build a sampling sequencer. After building and testing the software, participants, transfered this to mobile platforms (iPhone/Android or tablets). So you can use it anywhere and anytime. Now you can create rhythmic sequences from everyday sounds, in the car, train or in the field or park. You can now create unique rhythm tracks from everyday sound to play along to or jam with or to play with it for the fun. The workshop was lead by exhibiting composer Jonathan Nangle, who has an extensive career as a composer and teaches at The Royal Irish Academy.