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Sokalo Remix

Sokalo Remix

Thu 9 March - Fri 10 March, 8:30pm

An exhilarating Traditional Dance and Music production with a difference.

[ZØGMA] dancers

Marie-Pierre Lecault, fiddle

Laoise Kelly, harp

Edwina Guckian, dance

Caitlin Nic Gabhain, concertina and dance

Liam O Scanlain, dance

The Sokalo Remix Project is a traditional dance and music production with a difference. This high energy show is the result of a transatlantic collaboration between Montreal-based dance company [ZØGMA] and four professional artists from the Irish traditional performing arts Edwina Guckian, Laoise Kelly, Cáitlin Nic Gabhann and Liam O Scanláin. Liam is currently Dance Irelands Associate Artist in Residence. The members of [ZØGMA] are exceptional performers and have performed extensively on the international stage since 2001 showcasing Quebec’s folklore, merging dance, music and song into powerful rhythmic works. This collaboration has resulted in an enthralling, highly energetic production, at the crossroads of modernity and tradition, highlighting the proximity of Irish and Quebecois traditional cultures.

“The dance collaboration introduced  me to an entirely new approach to folk dance, with one foot tapping  in  the  past  and  the  other  foot  stepping  into  the  future, it was a fascinating dance dialogue which enriched  my understanding of both traditions.” - Tristan Rosenstock, Presenter @Imeall, TG4