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ZVUKEE No. 2 : Theodore Konkouris // Mark Garry

Fri 8 March, 9:00pm

Presented as part of the Natalia Beylis Performance Series

ZVUKEE is a series of performances, films & talks by artists who work with self-acquired sounds, field recordings and noises gathered from the seen and hidden world around us.   It is curated by artist Natalia Beylis as part of her 2019 residency at The Dock 



“I am sorry that we made you bleed”: Locality and Apprenticeship Among Mande Hunters

A presentation by Theodore Konkouris about field recordings which he captured as part of his doctoral field research in Bamako, Mali. Konkouris recorded Solomane ‘Djikoroni Solo’ Konate, a master Hunter and musician and his apprentices performing ceremonial works from their repertoire in a mango orchard behind Solo’s compound.


MARK GARRY 'Drift Project' and 'Songs of the Soil': screening of films and presentation

Over the past number of years Mark Garry has made a number of Artworks and Performances that look at the relationship between landscape and song, or more specifically their inter-reliance and how each element has come to be instrumentalised and understood from a range of sonic, social, cultural, associative and nostalgic perspectives.

Artist in Residence

Natalia Beylis
Natalia Beylis
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