We think loyalty card schemes are great…everyone loves rewards…so we launched our own one in The Back Room Bar Cafe – for every fifth cup of coffee you buy you can indulge your sweet tooth with a free cake of your choice.

But we got thinking about loyalty cards and, well really, they are just another thing to look after and remember (and to loose!) and if its your reward we want to make it as hassle free as possible so “drumroll please” let us introduce - The BackRoom Bar Cafe Cardless Loyalty Card Scheme! Ok not the snappiest of titles but basically how it works is you sign up simply by going into the Bar Cafe and giving Davy your name and email address (or mobile number or postal address if you want) and then whenever you order a coffee just mention it to Davy and he will keep a record of it and inform you when you are entitled to your sweet treat…easy…

Oh and aswell as that The Leitrim Design House are offering a free cup of coffee and cake with every €30 spent.


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